Growing in the crucial years of the 90s, to entering in to 21st century, we realized that, the rising and fast paced life of the food industry currently, people do not take out the time to actually explore into the endangered or lesser known snacks & spices which have been left behind by our ancestors in India. They believed in serving tasty and healthy food at the same time, but due to the modern technologies and demands, we have started losing on to these roots. We at VEGICA FOODS aim to bring these unique and dying out food items which not only have the capability of giving you the same modern taste but also maintain your health at the same time. You do not have to bend down and look at your tummies, just eat and enjoy them with a stress free psyche.

Food is basic, yet people make it so complicated. Hungry? Eat! If feel like having sweet delights, go for it! One should not contemplate their food palette based on its elemental contents. Our genes know how to adapt to the environment, yet we want to adapt to a nature that does not belong to us. I passionately believe that our ancestors knew best, be it civil construction work or medicine or our bodies.

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